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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't overthink your run

Welcome to my new blog about all thing's in the running and cycling world. Join me on my journey to post a Boston Marathon qualifying time in 2010. First up is the 'mind game.'

Your mind can easily distract you from the simple goal of any run. Log miles, improve fitness, and perhaps prepare for your next race.These distractions are especially true in the early days of beginning a training program. By now we've all read mountains of tips from that stack of running magazines and bookmarked websites emphasizing the finer points of your running form, stride, positioning and pace. Like most things in life we study so much that the obvious basics are obscured in the quest for the 'perfect' run. Mind games play a big role in forgetting that the perfect run might be a favourite 5k route to take in the neighbourhood or a local trail run with a fellow running enthusiast. At its core, the early days of any running program should focus on building miles and setting a base for future area specific workouts.

This past Sunday I enjoyed a 4 degree complete a 10k training run. At about the 6k mark, i found myself overthinking my stride, breathing pattern and pace. Panic set in for a brief moment as i tripped over my own feet in an attempt to adjust my form. Why? Good question. Simple answer. What did they say in the November 2009 issue about being weary of my stride? Honestly, i don't remember. Honestly it doesn't matter. I'll be the first to acknowledge many experts in the field both locally and abroad. I don't discount their advice in the slightest, but caution the new runner; new to the sport or beginning a new season of training to return to the fundamental point that keeps us all going. Enjoy your run. Build your foundation miles. Stay motivated.

I'll be on the start line at Hamilton's Around The Bay Road Race on March 28. Maybe i'll see you there.

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